Monday, February 25, 2013


Denmark is a fascinating country with a rich history, from vikings to little mermaids, this frosty European kingdom boasts a culture second to none! The primary religion in Denmark is Christianity, in fact, the state religion is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark. Denmark's main exports are manufactured goods, such as machinery and refined chemicals. The main imports are also manufactured goods, mostly from Sweden and Germany. Not surprisingly, the danish are knows for their pastries, and none are more delightful then the Aebleskiver!

Denmark is fairly homogeneous, that is, between 87% and  97% of the population considers themselves ethnically Danish. Either way, its not a very diverse country, but is is quite traditional. Danish is naturally the official language, but over 80% of the population speaks English  and over half German!

No, that's not Vienna, that's Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark! With Castles and statues and culture to spare, it's a great tourist destination.

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